Obchodní akademie Pelhřimov


Business Academy in Pelhrimov is a four year high school specializing in business and marketing. For the 2010/2011 school year there are 12 full time course classes; three classes each in the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years; as a tradition one of the freshman classes is offered according to the educational programme of the Economic Lyceum.

The education provided by Business Academy can be divided into two areas, the commercial-enterprise and technical orientation. The commercial-enterprise area has 12 subjects that the school is required to teach by the curriculum, the technical orientation can be described as the electives offered based on local sources. Together these two areas of study complement each other; the technical orientation sharpens the skills learned in the commercial enterprise-curriculum, better preparing the graduates to market themselves in the business world. The educational programme of the Economic Lyceum adds physics, biology, and chemistry to the general studies giving the graduate a better chance at being accepted to an institute of higher learning or more valuable in the job market.

Business Academy is located in and falls under the legislature of the Vysocina Region. After the renovation of the attic the building has sufficient space to meet the demands required to train our next era of economic workers. The modernization of facilities is an on-going process and the next project is the enlargement of the physical education facility.

The school is an independent legal subject, administered as a donation organization. This is unique in that it allows for plenty of elbow room for the head office in decision making and gaining out of budget resources; ensuring our students study and learn in the best facilities available.

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