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Christmas was nearing and that meant there was going to be a lot of work to do. One boy named John was really looking forward to that Christmas because he had heard that his dad was going to visit them and have Christmas with them. When he heard that he was really happy, and he immediately went to buy some present. He knew that his dad had always wanted to ski with him so he went to find some skis. It was really hard to find any because there was shopping spree everywhere. But in the end he found them. Then he set up the lights and prepared some carols to sing. Everything was perfect just for his beloved father. Christmas was there, and his father nowhere. He was very sad but he never gave up. He had always believed in his father and so he waited. At the last minute his father arrived. And everyone was happy. They sang carols and laughed a lot, it was very noisy. John said it was his very best Christmas.

Long Duc Nguyen, 1B

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